1. 4 years ago 

    fish, contacts, and animorphs

    got a good night’s sleep last night, so:

    1. There was some PHP event, so I had to stand outside Marketplace to greet people. First, I had to do some sort of training, which somehow reminded me of an econ or math test, except I couldn’t do the six problems and had to get the proctor to help me. After that, two other people and I, all dressed in maroon dress shirts, went to Marketplace. I had to replace Marquise’s position. The speaker who was there went in, and started talking to us about a really interesting talk that was about to go on….not realizing that we were ushers for it. Anyways, Marquise and I decided that since everyone who was headed for Marketplace was going to the event anyways, we should just go usher on the buses or something, so we left.

    2. In some asian store near duke. I was around at an asian store that had a lot of those little pots and pans and kitchen utensils you’ll actually never use. It was closing time, one of the other stands near it was closed already. I looked behind a big stack of pots, and saw where produce was, and was pretty excited about having a grocery store so close to Duke. Beyond the produce were the fish tanks…and there were really weird fish there. They were all on display, almost like a museum. At first the fish were normal, but then as I moved further along, there were tanks (prolly 6x6x5-ish) holding multiple species (that stayed in their own corners of the tank), and there was also this one huge, but dead fish lying in the center. Of course, this was a grocery store, so it was killed on purpose, probably because it was too violent to keep alive in the tank. Anyways, it was probably five feet long, and its mouth was like a lamprey’s mouth except huge, and inside it was completely hollow except two bulging eyes sticking out from the roof of its mouth (they were inside its mouth). There were many other tanks of creepy fish, and I was the only one in the store. Then there were other exhibits, like shark skeletons (which I assumed were for shark fin soup) and dinosaur skeletons. Anyways, I left.

    3. I’m not sure if this is connected to the previous dream, but I was in another asian store, a chinese one this time. I was picking out contact lenses, so first she had to see if my eye had any reaction to the material, so she took a bit from a pan of what appeared to be red egg-drop soup, and stuck it in the corner of my eye. Then I was picking out the kind I wanted, so she gave me a collander-sized bowl filled with water and different contact lenses inside. Instead of lenses, they were fish-shaped pieces of plasticky/rubbery material. I asked her specifically which materials they were (since I had just taken a materials class IRL), but she didn’t answer. I wanted soft lenses but she said I couldn’t wear them, and picked out some hard material for me. This somehow transitioned to me picking out fish bait. I kept telling her I wanted the fish-shaped plasticky ones, but she started recommending other complicated baits which involved feathers and such.

    4. (discontinued from 1, 2, and 3). I was in a dorm room, except the room housed maybe ten people, and we slept on bunks. We all had our own closets though. I woke up, went to my closet, and for the most part the ground was pretty cleaned up (since IRL i’m leaving for home today), except for a foot-long piece of tuna sashimi that was shaped almost like a shrimp nigirizushi (with the flared out tail). I also needed to pee, so I grabbed a cup and was going to pee inside my closet, but decided it would be too noisy and wake people up, so I went to the bathroom. The bathroom had some sort of kitchen in it, with very nice plates and silverware that I thought we could use in case we ever needed to celebrate anything. Anyways, went back to my room and got in bed, and also realized that there was a crack in the wall that let me see into the hall that led to the bathroom. (transition) In my room there was this empty space on the wall that I thought could be filled with some sort of Chinese painting or red-New Year’s-decorations or something. So random transition, and I was in bed with a bunch of Chinese calendars on my lap and my mom was looking through them, and for some reason I thought the idea of putting paintings on large calendars was the cleverest idea ever. (transition) In the trash bin in my room, something was going on. (I had emptied it the night before IRL), so in the bottom, there was this miniature evil Sonic the Hedgehog about to kill this 6-inch blue princess doll. (continued below)

    5. What had happened was that Sonic had destroyed everything, and all that was left was the princess. I was debating whether to grab Sonic with my hands, but decided he was too spiky. As the third-person omniscient audience, I realized that the reason Sonic wanted to kill her was because she had released some fire spirit. She was doing errands one day, when somehow she got electrically charged (forgot how), and realized she could shoot electricity/fire from her hands. She accidentally broke through this box which housed a red ball/pumpkin-looking thing. The ball was actually some fire spirit that was dormant, and was electrically charged it turned into a fireball. She kept the media that remained in the box, in case she ever needed to imprison the fireball. (transition) Now I was a bystander in the story, and the protagonist changed from the blue-dress princess to little boy. The boy had just poured all the media into beakers, and put the fireball as well as the media in some sort of altar…and left outside. As he was about to go into his house, he saw a fire in the woods, presumably a campfire, and knew it would be really bad if a forest fire spread and the altar caught fire, so he ran for help. I was watching, and there were people running away from the fire in the woods. Somehow, the fire transitioned to a wolf chasing the people, so all of a sudden, either another bystander or the fireball itself decided to go animorph and transform to a dog to attack the wolf. As they were fighting, two other bystanders, a black girl (presumably Cassie, from Animorphs) and a white boy (Jake?) also transformed. The difference was that 1) they transformed to human-sized versions of the animals, and 2) because they were human-sized, they kept their clothes on (it occurred to me that otherwise they would be naked when they transformed back…) Anyway, Cassie transformed into a human-sized turtle and fell on her back, and said something along the lines of “I also pick the dumbest things to morph into.” Also, Jake was going through huge bout of indecision, and finally decided a bear would be powerful. By they time they were done transforming, they fight was over. The wolf was gone, but the dog was pretty hurt. We all ran around to the back of the house to see. The dog had transformed back, it was some boy in a football uniform, and we all congratulated him. He said he didn’t know who I was, so I introduced myself. There was also a newspaper stand sitting behind the house, and I was discussing with someone about how the top newspapers were still from 2006. They were in Spanish, so we decided it was a Mexican newspaper that had gone out of business.

  3. 4 years ago 

    railroad tracks

    the dream began in some sort of conference area, almost resembling the great hall. we were all sitting down, and GM decides to sit next to me. he didn’t talk to me at first, but then we started talking and i was thinking to myself, “woah! we’re not ignoring each other for once!” then apparently everyone was giving speeches, and the dsg president was an obese, short, middle-aged man with long white hair and a beard. then GM had to give a speech or something, and i specifically remember handing him the microphone.


    a few of us were walking underneath railroad tracks, with only about 5 feet of clearance. some weird phenomenon was going on, but if you looked out of the bottom right corner of your eye, you saw a reflection of the earth, except the continents were all prehistoric and didn’t resemble today’s globe at all. i was thinking in my dream about how this was probably related to the moon halo from two nights ago [IRL]. then the train started coming so we quickly ran underneath the tracks, hoping not to hit our heads. i was considering just getting low to the ground since i might not be able to make it out in time, but we managed to reach the end and climb through the tracks.

    once on ground level i was trying to show justin how to see the earth’s reflection thing, but he couldn’t do it hahaha.

  5. 4 years ago 


    1/2 dreams (the one I woke up to)

    Again at Duke, had to constantly go to the bathroom (since I needed to IRL). Dreams of stalls and all kinds of toilets. I remember there were awkward stalls, where one stall door would have two toilets behind it (although the toilets were separated by a small separation thing like urinals (usually) are. Was also prepping for small group, but I think we were prepping for an event or something, since we all sat at picnic tables with cards and markers all layed out, and we were decorating them. GM comes to mind as sitting next to me, not doing anything, even though he’s not in IV. I think NR was also there. Thus probably tied into the group of students I was with in Uganda. I remember walking by Hyejin’s room, but she was on the phone or something. At the card/poster-decorating table, we were ready to go, so I asked “where are all the scented markers?” (to collect them back). A girl next to me said, “Oh they’re ours, they were with us the whole time.” But then NR and I said together, “We brought them.” She said “Oh,” and started returning them. I said jokingly, “It’s not like people are gonna go up to your posters and smell them” and “Thank you!” The C1 was about to come, so I quickly rushed to the bathroom one last time.

  7. 4 years ago 


    2 dreams during this thxgiving-day-afternoon-nap

    1. forgot the dream

    2. we were running away from godzilla and these enlarged grasshopper things. I was hiding behind the doors of one of the main quad buildings (soc sci?), but it called it perkins. people were frantic outside in the rain and the locusts flying around; godzilla still hadn’t come yet. i let some people in, among them were agnes, mdeng, and possibly boris or hiro. we closed the door so no one else would come inside and take our spot, and ran upstairs looking for the 4th floor fire escape, or some secret passageway we could take. agnes traveled really weirdly, almost serpentine, and took shortcuts on stairs or something. Not sure if this is after I woke up, but I decided godzilla was a hoax, and that whoever plotted this had hired many actors. also, he wanted to remain anonymous so the law/movie co’s wouldnt find him…

  9. 4 years ago 


    2 dreams

    1. I was hiding out in a house in the middle of a grassy plain. An African, Muslim boy was banging on the front door, and another one was banging on the back. I look at the front door. He glares at me through the window and points his gun at me. I gesture to him that I’m going to shoot him too if he doesn’t leave (Probably not the smartest thing to do since I didn’t actually have a gun). I’m frantically searching around the house for a way to escape. Finally, I look to the back door, gesture to the boy that I’m going to the front of the house, so he starts on his way around. I yank open the door and began to run, but he sees me and comes and blocks my path. He’s about to shoot, but then says “I have to reload” in English, so while he’s standing there reloading, I run away into the mist.

    2. We were outside a hospital or something and my dad was seizing, with his tongue sticking out, so I run into the hospital to get help from the “Electrophysiology Department” (BME 201 @___@). I was getting frustrated, because no one came and I had to keep going back and forth. By the time I brought someone outside, my grandparents were around my dad, who was on the ground. Apparently, my grandma had gone mesoamerican and scraped a hole in the back of my dad’s skull. Anyways, he got better eventually, and I think I did some catch up phone calls to make sure he recovered.

  11. 4 years ago 

    my inner g

    I had this really interesting dream yesterday. Justin, me, Chris, possibly Agnes, and one more person (I think MChen was driving) were gangsters and we had to kill someone. We were all in a car with suits on, and then we decided last minute that we should probably get dark sunglasses to cover our identities…so Justin commissioned Chris to go to the store on the side of the road to get sunglasses for all of us. The whole time, we were trying to justify our actions, but then last minute we decided murder was a bad thing =) I remember one scene where Justin’s just standing there, praying. Then I decided it probably wasn’t safe to be dressed up as gangsters while standing in the streets.

dreams are cool